You say it’s your birthday…

mw-bugSometimes you really do blink and a decade is totally over. It just happened. Because only five short minutes ago, I was a young mom with a three-year-old trying to figure out how in the world to balance it all…and thought, “A-HA! I’ll just start a company!” In a completely that’ll fix everything mode.

Luckily I had a willing and able partner/designer who was facing the same conundrum. New mom vs. work life vs. how exactly? So off we went — blind leading the blind — and just did it.

Now it’s ten solid years later and I’m solo. Trying to guide this ship and put out some crazy good stuff. I have a solid team of creative, smart people and — in spite of crazed, harried lives — we somehow pull it off. Every. Single. Time.

Being a virtual agency certainly has its challenges:

  1. Synching schedules when a client has an urgent email needmwlogo
  2. Conducting a conference call with the dog barking in the other room
  3. Proofing a PDF with a fresh-from-school voice expounding on that day’s recess in your ear
  4. Navigating every single new social medium and technological advance from the comfort of a laptop

But oh how we love it.

And now, on this anniversary of our 10th year, with business humming along like a well-oiled machine, it was time. So…VOILA! We are renewed, recharged and {drumroll}…REBRANDED.

I guess you can say that sometimes the cobbler’s kids DO get new shoes. Enjoy. And keep on keeping us fresh. Thanks for the biz.

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